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- If you bought Thales shares via an employee shareholding offer, you can access to your account at any time by the account keeper's website and manage your investment. Stop your Thales shares becoming “Dormant”, log into your account every year!

- If you do not know if you own Thales shares, you may request specific information from

- If you need information concerning Thales employee share offers, please contact your Thales HR manager (or your 1st point HR, depending on the country) or on the Thales intranet.


- Under the French Eckert law (which came into force on 1 January 2016) a Thales shareholding account is termed Dormant if there have been no account keeper transactions or contact initiated by the shareholder (you) within 5 years of unblocking/vesting.

- When a shareholding account has been Dormant for an additional 5 years, the shares are sold by the Thales shareholding fund manager (Amundi) and the cash is transferred to Caisse des Dépôts (CDC). These funds are held by CDC for an additional 20 years awaiting a claim from the beneficiary.

- CDC does not search for dormant account holders nor the beneficiaries of these sums. It is up to the beneficiary to search for any unclaimed sums via a portal called Ciclade. After 30 years of dormancy and no contact on the part of the beneficiary, the money is irreversibly transferred to the State (of France). In this case it is no longer possible to claim this money back.

- Visit the Ciclade portal to check if you are a beneficiary of dormant Thales Shareholding and to submit an online claim.

- Below is a step by step guide on how to use the Ciclade portal to assist in processing your claim. Download the guide.

- It is also possible to send a claim to Ciclade by post with the following information enclosed:

Postal Address: Service de Restitution des Avoirs en Déshérence, DCBC20, 56 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris, France

1. A letter claiming the funds,
2. Copy of ID card or passport,
3. Proof of current address,
4. Amundi letter confirming closure of share account and transfer of funds to CDC (if you do not have that document, please request it from Thales by sending an email to,
5. Bank document showing full details of where funds are to be transferred by CDC including BIC and IBAN, and
6. It may also be useful to include your address at the time of last contact with the Thales shareholding fund manager (Amundi), probably at the time of the investment, since that is what Amundi had on its records and passed on to CDC.






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