Federation of Associations of Staff Shareholders of Thales

Created in 1999, the Federation of Associations of Staff Shareholders of Thales (FAST) is an association made up of 34 clubs and associations of Thales employee shareholders worldwide


To promote values of company ownership and long term relations among Thales employees.


Each year the national employee shareholder representatives (FAST Representatives) attend the Thales Annual General Meeting and meet with Thales senior executive at Thales Group Headquarters at Carpe Diem, La Defense Paris.

The purpose is to connect the FAST Representatives and inform their understanding of Thales strategy and key initiatives. This is the opportunity for the FAST Representatives and Governance Committee share national experiences, collect and create feedback on the group share plans for the Thales Group management team, and support the national associations in their mission to increase the awareness among the Thales employees about the benefits of being a Thales shareholder.